Karra Shimabukuro Haiku Presentation

Karra Shimabukuro Haiku Presentation

What a 21st CenturyClassroom

Manteo High School
English Department
Class Expectations 2011-2012

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More and more colleges and jobs require the use of technology. With colleges this includes the use of class webpages, email and Web 2.0 tools. With jobs, this means being able to communicate effectively through email and use popular software programs such as Internet browsers and Microsoft products.

In order to help our students be successful, there is a large technology component to your English class. Please review the following class expectations and email your teacher that you’ve read and understand them.

Technology Policies
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are used frequently in class. If you do not have these products on your home computer, please go to openoffice.org and download Open Office. This will give you access to these programs.
  • You are expected to check your daretolearn email daily.
    • Feel free to personalize your email with the theme, and a profile picture.
  • You are expected to check your class Haiku/e-board daily, especially if you are absent, to get assignments. You are responsible for all of the material on the class webpage.
  • We encourage you to use Google Calendar in order to keep up with assignments and long term projects.
    • You can set it up to email you reminders.
    • If you have a smartphone, you can get these emails on your phone.
  • Cell phones are not allowed in class unless under the direction of your teacher. Unauthorized cell phone use will result in confiscation.
  • With technology comes problems. If you have problems accessing computers outside of school, I suggest coming up with a Plan B (or C or D) such as public libraries, a relative or friend’s house. The school computers are available in the morning, during IT, lunch and after school.
  • Often, the written word does not convey the same tone or emotion as when you speak. Please make sure that you are aware of this, and are polite and respectful in all of your communications with your classmates and instructor.
  • This is an English class, so you are expected to use standard English in your discussion board posts, assignments and email. The use of IM language will result in a lower grade.
  • There are many resources available online to help you. However, you need to use these in a responsible manner. Always be sure to cite where your information came from. Copying and pasting from webpages is cheating,and will be treated accordingly. The work you submit must be your own.
  • You signed an Acceptable Use Policy at the beginning of school. You are not allowed to work on anything on school computers that is not school related. This refers to gaming sites, games, and inappropriate webpages.
  • Each student will create their own wikispace that will act as their electronic portfolio for all four years.
    • If you are creating an account, please use the same username as you use to log into the school computers. I also suggest that you use the same password so that it is easy for you to remember.
    • When you create the wiki it should be titled (with no spaces): FirstNameLastNameWritingPortfolio
    • The student will then upload all of their writing assignments/projects to their wikispace
    • The writing folder will be graded at the end of the class and counts as multiple writing assignments
  • I hold virtual office hours Insert days and times here. Feel free to text me (insert Google Voice number here) if you have a question about the class, or a particular assignment.

Departmental Grading Policy:
Classwork, Interactive Notebooks, Discussion Boards: 25%
Writing (LAB): 25%
Projects: 25%
Assessments, Tests: 25%

Creating a 21st Century Classroom Using Haiku

Karra Shimabukuro, Manteo High School

30 minutes: Presentation of PowerPoint

30 minutes: How to outline your course/requirements of online classrooms

  • Technology specific class expectations. Here is the MHS English Department Example

  • Discussion Board

    • use to introduce yourself, and have the kids do the same

    • teach them how to appropriately comment on peers by doing it yourself

  • When you create the content blocks, chunk into manageable blocks (I suggest a week) and make sure pages and content blocks are organized for clarity

    • decide how you’re going to chunk your class. I suggest units for the pages

    • make sure there’s a “common sense” factor to the arrangement.

    • I encourage you to have your kids complete a scavenger hunt on your webpage to familiarize them with the layout

  • Use multimedia/web 2.0 tools to frontload

  • Model project types that the students will be expected to complete later in the course

  • Make your Haiku self sufficient- link to items in the public domain

  • Use your sidebars:

    • projects

    • handouts

    • files

    • audio readings

    • all of these items also fulfill ESL and EC modifications

  • Create rubrics with your students, then post for their reference. You should have at least one for the discussion board, projects and writing.

30 minutes: Deficiencies

  • Students are technology savvy but with a very narrow focus and they can’t transfer the skills

    • Can use Facebook, but not email

    • Have smartphones, but don’t use them for email or calendar

    • Can surf the web, but not evaluate or read webpages

      • skim, look at headers, sidebars, determine importance

      • evaluate information or source

    • Students lack basic software skills

      • Can’t use toolbar in Word

      • PowerPoint

      • Publisher

      • Google Docs

30 minutes: Walk through a Haiku